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Certain principles are fundamental to our success. They focus on how we strengthen, safeguard and grow our company over time.

We will work with fierce resolve to make this a company of which our customers, 员工, 股东 and 社区 can be proud. We cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results. 不时地, we may fall short in our efforts and if that happens, we will renew our commitment to these principles and re-double our efforts. What we can and will promise is to be truthful and give honest assessments of our businesses and prospects; act with integrity and honor; and do the right thing—not necessarily the easy or expedient thing.




杰米•戴蒙, Chairman and CEO, 12bet官方 & Co.

特殊的客户 服务

For more than two centuries, 12bet官方 has always been there for our constituents around the world. In the toughest of times when strong banks are needed the most, we never waver in our support, and we never lose sight of our main mission: serving our clients. 我们的工作是永远为他们做正确的事,不断努力,不仅要满足他们的需求,还要超越他们的期望,不断让客户更容易与我们做生意.

As much as any company on the planet, we are helping individuals, businesses of all sizes, 政府, nonprofits and 社区 seize the 机会 of our times. We can do this because of the strong company we have built – global in reach, 本地执行, 凭借一系列令人印象深刻的产品和能力,以及提供卓越客户服务的坚定承诺.

We Focus on the Customer

  • 你希望别人怎样对待你,你就怎样对待你的客户,确保你从客户的角度看问题
  • Read customer complaints – and be the customer’s advocate
  • Exceed expectations by listening to customers and anticipating their needs, making it easy for them to do business with us
  • Earn trust by always focusing on customers’ best interests; high-quality customers will grow along with the company
  • 给客户一个好的,公平的交易-提供高品质,价格有竞争力的产品和服务
  • Consider the full range of products and services that will fit customer needs, cross selling when appropriate
  • 永远不要让短期利益的考虑妨碍了为客户做正确的事情
  • 使用我们自己的产品——当涉及到了解客户时,没有什么比成为客户更好的了

We Are Field and Client Driven; We Operate at the Local Level

  • Use our size as a strength to execute well at the local level
  • 花时间在当地市场了解客户的一切(以及竞争对手可能为他或她做什么)
  • Provide the resources and authority needed for decision making in the field
  • Innovate, test and learn – we know some ideas will fail, and that’s okay


  • 做出正确的, 长期的决定能让我们在好的时候做得很好,在艰难的时候也能经受住考验
  • Be proud of what we are doing
  • Do right by the customer in all our interactions
  • Ensure our company will stand the test of time

操作 卓越

As important as strategy is, we have to execute to win. Execution involves every employee and every contact we have with customers. The devil is in the details. We must act quickly on problems; drive results, not just activities; and ensure detailed follow-up so that we meet our commitments.

We Set the Highest Standards of Performance

  • Measure performance with a detailed, balanced scorecard
  • Strive for excellence, don't settle for mediocrity
  • Recognize that teamwork also requires a maximum individual effort
  • Compare yourself with the best
  • Stay hungry; competition is everywhere, so you cannot be lulled into a false sense of security – complacency kills


We Demand Financial Rigor and Risk Discipline. We Will Always Maintain a Fortress Balance Sheet

  • 以正确的方式监控、跟踪和报告正确的事情——修正无效的报告
  • Ensure that accounting is fair, accurate and transparent
  • Create capital flexibility and manage risk dynamically
  • 还记得, we do not worry about the stock price or quarterly earnings in the short run; if you continue to build a great company, the stock price will take care of itself
  • Share consistent, comprehensive information with 股东 and each other
  • Make analysis disciplined, real and fact based, focused on areas for improvement
  • Anticipate problems, be prepared with solutions
  • Be a risk manager; raising red flags is every employee's responsibility

We Strive for the Best Internal 治理 and Controls

  • Commit to enterprisewide world-class governance, controls and compliance
  • 与我们的监管机构建立牢固的关系——保持透明、直接和尊重
  • Build a safety-first culture
  • Ensure that our controls infrastructure is as robust as our business
  • 还记得 that good compliance is good business

We Act and Think Like Owners and Partners

  • Work for profitable, sustainable, long-term growth
  • Streamline management and encourage an appropriate disregard for hierarchy
  • Guard the firm’s resources; spend the firm’s money as if it were your own
  • Invest wisely for the future – including on infrastructure and people
  • Recognize that competitive intelligence is competitive advantage
  • Foster a spirit of partnership
  • Ensure compensation is fair and fully transparent to senior management based on a balanced scorecard; any special deals should be minimized and for good reason
  • Respect and learn from your people / team

We Strive to Build and Maintain the Best Most Efficient Systems and Operations

  • Promote efficiencies and remember that leaner is better
  • Leverage technology to make operations fast and simple
  • Cut waste relentlessly – and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Be an expert and ensure we know our business best

We Are Disciplined in Everything We Do

  • Be rigorous and detailed, with continuous follow-up
  • Maintain an intense work ethic to get the job done right
  • 总是努力改进,并有能力推动改变——列一个清单并完成它
  • Act in a thoughtful, coordinated way – not in haste or in isolation
  • Always fight complacency by analyzing our own actions and our own weaknesses;  management should celebrate our successes, but also emphasize the negatives
  • Enforce a good decision-making process and eliminate “waste of time” meetings; stand up war rooms to get the right people in the room and kill bureaucracy
  • Do it consistently – like exercising or weeding the garden
  • 对职能和控制进行定期的、组织良好的、彻底的业务审查

We Execute with Both Skill and Urgency

  • Work with energy and focus; take responsibility and deliver on commitments
  • Ensure that every role, every person and every detail count
  • Get a little better every day – continually raise the bar
  • Deliver results; investigate, analyze and improve when problems arise
  • 了解细节,承诺跟进,并在最后期限前满足客户和同事的要求
  • Manage change with deliberate speed

A Commitment to Integrity, Fairness and Responsibility

 In business, as in every other arena, ethical behavior does not just happen. It has to be cultivated and repeatedly affirmed throughout the organization. 在12bet官方,诚信是最重要的——它适用于我们公司的各个方面. 保持最高标准的诚信包括忠实地履行我们对所有客户的承诺, 社区, 员工, 董事会, 股东, regulators – and to ourselves.

We Will Not Compromise Our Integrity

  • Do the right thing even when it’s not the easy thing
  • Have zero tolerance for unethical behavior
  • Be accountable, straightforward and honest in all your dealings
  • Abide by the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations


  • Look at the facts in a cold-blooded way; admit and learn from mistakes
  • Acknowledge the negatives
  • Have only one truth for all audiences
  • Keep one set of books
  • Get the right people in the room (and the best answers will be found)


  • Have a fierce resolve in everything you do
  • Demonstrate determination, resiliency and tenacity
  • Do not let temporary setbacks become permanent excuses
  • Use mistakes and problems as 机会 to get better – not reasons to quit

We Foster an Environment of Respect, Inclusiveness, Humanity and Humility

  • Treat all people properly and with respect – from clerks to CEOs
  • Excel by embracing an inclusive work environment and diverse teams
  • Be open to different management and individual styles; there are many ways to be successful
  • 尊重他人的个人生活,在员工遇到困难时表现出同情
  • Encourage all 员工 to take care of themselves – their mind, body, spirit and soul – and their friends and family
  • 互相帮助——无论是在服务客户还是在公司的职业生涯中
  • 谦卑地承认自己并非无所不知——并营造一个开放的环境, 信任与分享
  • 雇佣和提拔那些值得尊重的人(你会让你的孩子向他们汇报吗??)
  • 深深感谢那些在你之前的人——他们帮助铺平了道路,塑造了今天的我们

We Help Strengthen the 社区 in Which We Live and Work

  • 利用我们的成功回馈我们做生意的社区
  • Be good, engaged citizens
  • View ourselves as a local small business: Know our customers, create summer jobs and support local organizations

一个伟大的团队 赢得文化

Eventually, it all comes down to people. Creating a winning team and self-sustaining culture takes hard work, and there is no substitute for it. Teams do not win because they have a new stadium or the most attractive uniforms. Some of the best teams do not even have the most talented individual athletes. Teams succeed because they are disciplined, 合作愉快, execute consistently and have a passion to win.

We Hire, Train and Retain Great, Diverse Employees

  • Hire great people and train them well
  • Encourage everyone to contribute to the best of his/her ability
  • Treat everyone with respect – everyone counts
  • Encourage life-long learning and a deep curiosity
  • Acknowledge and reward high performers; that helps identify and develop leaders
  • 认识到我们从多元化的员工队伍中获得力量——拥抱我们的差异

We Build Teamwork, Loyalty and Morale

  • Provide our 员工 with the truth, 机会, 培训, meaningful work and a commitment to build a healthy, 充满活力的公司
  • 要认识到团队合作既意味着和睦相处,也意味着有勇气独自做正确的事情
  • Consistently provide honest and direct feedback; encourage people to say what is on their minds
  • Remove obstacles in order to facilitate the team’s success
  • Put loyalty to the institution ahead of your or anyone else’s personal agenda; collaborate and act as if the company’s priorities are your own
  • Serve and support each other
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We Maintain an Open, Entrepreneurial Meritocracy for All

  • Know your people well; put them in the right jobs and assess them honestly
  • Make people decisions based on merit
  • Deal with people issues; take action with non-performers


We Communicate Honestly, Clearly and Consistently

  • Recognize that information is power; share it as quickly as possible
  • 设定明确的目标和优先级,加强它们,确保跟进并经常沟通进展
  • Encourage constructive, open debate and consider different approaches
  • Drive to reach decisions and go forward with one agenda
  • Share your passion for learning and knowledge
  • Reinforce important messages clearly
  • Provide constant feedback – tell people when they are doing a good job and, 更重要的是, 当他们没有的时候

We Strive to Be Good Leaders

  • 还记得 that leadership is an honor and a responsibility
  • Understand that leadership is personal
  • 在棘手的问题上迅速采取行动,并有勇气为自己的信念而战
  • Share your passion to win
  • Support people who are willing to speak up – encourage constructive challenge
  • Be fair, be just, be willing to do the right thing – not the easy thing
  • Challenge the status quo: Fight social, racial and economic inequities
  • Get the incentives right (but that is not enough; people must feel they are valued and their contributions are important)
  • Be a leader in your community
  • 力求持续改进——推动变革和创新,永不停止学习
  • Help our people take care of themselves – their health and spirit